Unlock Vodafone ZTE K3770z by Simple Trick

Unlock Vodafone ZTE K3770z very easily via dashboard. The main advantage of unlocking this Modem is that  your Speed is doubled and  you get 14.4 MBPS Speed after unlocking instead of 7.2 MBPS. Currently in market  these Dongles are sold  unlocked but that method of their unlocking is different. They change the complete dashboard and put a new Chinese  Dashboard. To be true I Don’t believe on Chinese Things:p So better use the Original Vodafone Dashboard with All Sims.

Unlock Vodafone ZTE K3770z


The Simple Method to  Unlock Vodafone ZTE K3770z  Is really very easy you don’t need to be A Geek or a  Tech expert to do this.  If you read the Procedure Properly then it will be unlocked instantly then you can use any Sim cards, If you have Idea Netsetter then See this

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Steps to Unlock Vodafone ZTE K3770z

First you need to Download this Both Files

Download Unlocker Tool &  File

After Downloading the above files, Extract it and keep it on your Desktop

Steps For Flashing Vodafone ZTE K37700z

  • Plug in K3770z Dongle into USB port
  • Let the modem install original software with drivers
  •  check in device manager for all installed ports
  •  Now uninstall the original vodafone software
  • Open K3770z downloader_original.exe, Which you downloaded
  • Ignore any errors wait till downloader detects port and modem version
  • Click on software version
  • Browse to K3770z Unlock_file folder
  • Click the big arrow button next to version info window
  • Flashing will be started in a Second
  • After The Flashing is completed it will say “Flashed Successfully”
  •  Now remove the Dongle and insert it again

Thats All! Vodafone ZTE k3770z is Unlocked

Note: Never close the tool when download procedure is running,
such operations maybe seriously damage the card permanently

Screenshots after Unlocking:



Enjoy any Sim cards in Vodafone ZTE k3770z.

It has always been better to do something with own. rather than get it unlocked by some professional by paying him. It is much better to do it with you Own. so you Even learn it. Enjoy and keep Sharing Tricksme.in with your Friends and Like us on Facebook so you wont miss any Tricks by Us. Stay Blessed

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