How to Unlock Huawei E3276 Easily – New Trick

Here is the simplest yet most effective trick to Unlock Huawei E3276 easily with simple instructions given below. Huawei E3276 Unlocking is much easier with the new innovative methods and tools The E3276 vareint from Huawei is a 4G LTE wireless modem providing speed upto 150 MBPS and also supporting 3G and 2G Networks. Hence it is always better to Unlock Huawei E3276 so one ca use any SIM cards globally rather then sticking to one network.

Huawei E3276 Unlock via Firmware Update

Unlock Huawei E3276

If you are not satisfied wit your current DATA Provider then you will need to input a Unlock code in order to use any other sim card in Huawwi E3276 modem and Hence it is bit tough task to generate numerous of Unlock codes for every different SIM card. So the permanent solution is to Unlock the modem completely via Firmware patching which doesn’t harm the device at any cost and You can also re Lock it to the Original Firmware if their are any hardware damages and you need to get benefited from the Warranty. But this is not required as Huawei is Famous for its Quality Products around the globe.

Why you should Unlock Huawei E3276 4G Dongle ?

Here are perfect reasons and benefits for unlocking your Huawei E3276, May be its is Huawei Wireless modem or other the benefits are always worthy.

  • You may use any SIM cards in It without network limitations.
  • barrier Restrictions removed
  • Official Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard with new Look
  • Instantly gets unlocked via just updating its firmware.
  • No damage or risk to the modem
  • This is the most effective yet easiest method.

Tutorial for Unlocking Huawei E3276

Now here comes the tutorial. It is advised to read all steps properly before implementing. For Unlocking the Huawei E3276, we will be using the most effective yet safest method for Firmware patching with the Special Firmware tool developed for HUawei E3276

  • At first just download the latest Huawei E3276 Firmware Upgrader (2014) app on your PC from below link. (this is the new version of Huawei Firmwaer patcher V8.9 released on August 2014.)

Download Huawei E3276 Unlock Tool (Huawei  E3276 Firmware Patcher)


  • Wait till the wireless modem driers automatically gets installed.
  • Once the dongle is ready to be used just Run the downloaded Huawei Firmware patcher (E3276 Unlock Tool) and The Application will automatically detect your Huawei Dongle via COM port.
  • Now just hit on the “Unlock” button on the right side and wait till the firmware is patched.
  • This process takes few patch the firmware and remove any barrier restriction. Once completed a Dialog box will appear stating “Success”.
  • Now you may close the Huawei Firmware patcher app and disconnect the dongle.
  • Now Plug in Huawei Dongle again on your PC with different SIM and congratulations your dongle is successfully unlocked!  you may use any GSM ($G-LTE, 3G, 2G) SIM cards in it now.
  • You may create different profiles for the respective SIM card and connect using its official dashboard app.

Special Thanks to the senior members from the Geek Unlocking community for discovering this sure shot yet easiest tricks for Unlocking. Alternatively there are many websites who sell unlock codes depending on your particular IMEI number for 2 or 3$ but why waste money when you can do it Free.

The since behind unlocking Huawei E3276 via Firmware patcher is that it just patches the firmware and remove barrier restriction from its inbuilt firmware. As the dongle is manufactured by Huawei and is re branded by Idea Ltd using its own Home baked Firmware. thus with this trick you are just removing the extra modified settings (barrier lock) and nothing else.

So Guys, happy tweaking and share your experience with us via comments below. If you are facing any kind of issues while working on this trick feel free to ask us via comments and we will help you for sure. At last Like on Facebook to get regular updates.

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