Unlock Huawei E1786 3G USB Modem easily

Willing to Unlock Huawei E1786 Wireless 3G USB Modem? Here is the simplest yet most effective way for Unlocking Australian Optus Huawei E1786 modem easily without any flashing or firmware update method. The Australian variant Huawei E1786 can be unlocked via latest Huawei Modem Code Writer by using the Huawei Unlock Code generator 2014. There are many websites and Blogs who enables the user to buy Unlock codes for various dongles via Paypal but we do not have any monetizing aim from it, We just believe in “Sharing is caring”

Unlock Australian Optus Huawei E1786

Unlock Huawei E1786 3G USB Modem

It is always better to get your dongle or data card unlocked, so it enables you to use any SIM cards in it. No matter in which area you reside, You can always switch between operators by just replacing SIM cards. With this latest method which Unlocks the Huawei E1782 and other variants of the similar series with just huawei code writer and Huawei latest Unlock Code Genreator 2014. 

How to Unlock Australian Optus Huawei E1786 wireless 3G USB modem

Here is the step by step guide for Unlocking your Australian Optus HUawei E1786 with one click Huawei Unlocking Software. Just read out the below step by step instructions properly before implementing with the method.

  1. At First Download the Cardlock unlock tool (Huawei E1786 unlocking tool) from the download link given belowDownload.jpg (297×42)
  2. Now, Replace the default SIM with any other network provider’s SIM card.
  3. Plug the Broadband dongle to PC and let it install all the software and drivers which is required by the data-card.
  4. Optus Software will automatically get opened and ask you for unlock code / password.
  5. Now open the above downloaded Card Unlock tool and generate the new Unlock Code by entering your IMEI Number their for Huawei.
  6. Put the correct unlock code in the Optus Dashboard and it will be unlocked forever.
  7. If it doesn’t prompt for unlock code then close the software of Broadband data-card.
  8. Now run the unlocking tool which you have downloaded earlier.
  9. Now detect your E1786 dongle under unlocking freeware.
  10. When your USB modem IMEI will be visible in unlocking software means your modem is detected by unlocking tool.
  11. Now put the correct 8 digit unlock code and click on OK.
  12. Now your modem is unlocked forever.
  13. That’s It! You may create profile according to your network Provider and use internet.

Final Words

Unlocking a Dongle is quite easy task if done with proper instructions and guidance. there are numerous of Websites and Blogs scattered over the web with fake tools and many of the blogs do sell the unlock code, It is better to do it on your own rather then spending extra bucks. At last Money matters 😀

This is the best and latest guide to Unlock Huawei E1786 Australian Optus broadband Wireless 3G USB Modem. You may also use the latest Huawei Mobile partner with free WiFi Facility which enables you to create WiFi Hotspot easily from the dashboard itself. We will be writing a complete different post for Huawei Mobile Partner with WiFi Hostpot feature. So Stay tuned with TricksMe.in and Give us a Like on our Official Facebook page for regular updates.

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