Tata Docomo 3G Trick for Android Working April 2019

After the sharing of lots of 3G Tricks on various operators, we are back with new blasting Tata Docomo 3G Handler Trick for Android another smartphone. The Docomo 3G handler Trick is based on completely new IP of Dive-in which makes it use unlimited with full 3g Speed. The handler IP is based exclusively on new Docomo Dive in service which is free. You just need to type an SMS from your Docomo SIM to activate that service and then you may use it unlimited via the Handler app. All the Details, Instructions and handlers apps for Android are provided in the trick file

Tata Docomo 3G Handler Trick Confirmed Working

Tata Docomo 3G Handler Trick

There were many Tata Docomo 3G Handler Trick scattered over the web but very few of the works and to be honest the earlier shared handler tricks does not work for now as the Docomo team is quite fast to block access to the few IP once it gets popular to the Trick freaks. Here  Thanks to our reader Rohan for sharing this Trick with us which contains 5 front queries followed by the host and IP. We have combined and tested all before publishing this Trick.

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Tata Docomo 3G Handler Trick features:

  • Working in Android Smartphones and java based phones.
  • No limitations, No balance deduction nor any SIM Blocking issue
  • based on fresh Docomo Dive IN host and IP’s.
  • Download speed up to 500 kbps in UC Browser (Tested)
  • Just a 3G Enabled SIM card and a minimum of Rs.1 Balance required
  • Confirmed working all over India (tested in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Delhi)
  • All protocols an all websites support including YouTube.
  • Modded UC Browser and Handler Apps for Android and Java have been provided in the Trick file.

How to set up Tata Docomo 3G Handler Trick on Smartphone:

For privacy reasons and to make this data Docomo Handler trick work for the longest time we have included all the Instructions and Applications in the trick file rather than sharing it openly on the blog here. Just follow the below instructions and get set go…

At First Download the Tata Docomo Handler trick file from below link which includes UC Browser Moded, UC 9 handler, Opera 7 handler and Modded App for Android and step by step instructions file.

Download Tata Docomo 3G Handler Trick – April 2019


Mirror link for Docomo 3G handler  Trick

Screenshot of the Rar archive

What the .rar file contains

  • Now Install the required Handler or modded app on your Smartphone.
  • Copy the Dive IN IP and Front query in the handler menu and save It.
  • Refer to Instructions text file for step by step guide how to configure the IP in Handler app on your Smartphone.
  • Once done! You may enable 3G internet on Docomo SIM and use it unlimited with handler App!!

Stay Away, Copycats!

We have now enabled DMCA.com pro protection on your Blog. Copying our copyright content or the trick will lead to your blog suspension from Google or blogger’s community via Valid DMCA.com notice. Hence be Innovative guys.

This exclusive latest Tata Docomo 3G Handler Trick is 1oo% Working all over India. Try it yourself. We will soon post the VPN Trick for the same IP once we get into it. Like TricksMe.in on Facebook to get updated towards the free internet addiction.

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