Tata Docomo 3G TCP Premium Trick – April 2019

Love Docomo for its superior 3G network? Then Here is the new super cool Working Tata Docomo 3G TCP VPN Trick for April 2019 and may continue to work further I Bet this latest High-Speed Tata Docomo 3G TCP Premium Trick is 100% Working as this is also tested by many senior members from some tweaking groups on Facebook. However, this is still the Undisclosed trick and like always we are sharing this first on Net:).

Tata Docomo 3G TCP Premium Trick

To Be Honest this Tata Docomo 3G TCP Premium Trick for April 2019 is not based on any host. There is a new Proxy which supports the Docomo Network with the undisclosed port on TCP Tunneling config. I Assure you this Tata Docomo TCP VPN Trick is confirmed working in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, etc.. as the trick does not depend on any particular host or port So just assume that it will work all over India.

Video Proof Coming Soon

Those who don’t believe or think this trick is not working… Here we gonna upload the video proof with working status of the trick showing its data balance before connecting and after disconnection. We will be recording the video today itself and it will be live on our YouTube channel and the video will also be embedded here. We have also uploaded the snapshot which shows the download with connection dashboard.

Tata Docomo 3G Premium Trick features:

  • Based on VPN Tunneling method tweaking with TCP Port
  • No Speed capping nor any disconnection issue.
  • High-Speed VPN Config with download speed up to 300 kbps (See Screenshot below)
  • Torrent download via Utorrent is not Supported, Use ZbigZ or alternative.
  • This Trick also works on Android Smartphone via OpenVPN for Android.
  • No Balance deduction, Minimum 1Rs. main balance needed.
  • Tested and working in many states including MH, Punjab, M.P, and other southern states.

How to set up Tata Docomo TCP VPN Trick:

Here with the latest Tata Docomo 3G TCP Premium Trick we have included the portable VPN app with configs inside it. You don’t need NMD VPN or any other tunneling app to connect with this method. Just follow the simple instructions below and that’s It!

  • Just Download the below-given trick file which contains VPN with config and Instructions text file.

Download Tata Docomo TCP VPN Trick (new)


Tata Docomo TCP VPN folder Contains

Tata Docomo TCP VPN folder Contains

  • Now extract the folder and make sure  you read the instructions file again to get the secret method
  • Connect your Docomo Internet with the given APN in the trick file and then instantly connect VPN Server.
  • VPN tunneling process will be established instantly and you it will get connected in seconds.

That’s all! Isn’t it simple and fast? check the snapshot of download speed below.

Screenshot of the Trick

Tata Docomo 3G TCP Premium Trick

Friends… What are you waiting for? If still, you didn’t find any working trick for your need then I will strongly recommend you to just configure this Docomo trick and it will screenshot work. Remember this Docomo TCP VPN Trick is the Undisclosed trick and you won’t find it on other sources.

Copiers won’t be entertained.

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Upcoming Updates and Announcement

  • Vodafone DNS Command Direct Trick coming this week
  • Airtel high-speed DNS trick has been mailed to premium users. Will be posted here soon
  • Dongle Unlocking tricks and Android tweaks will be published this week.
  • Record your Video Showing Support to TricksMe contest coming soon

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