RBI and Indian Government is Killing Freelancing in India

In this Era, every freelancer wants to be a blogger. India is a country which has the maximum of freelancers and the Government and RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is killing Freelancing by various methods. We all know business in India is rising day by and how badly government wants foreign investments in the country. Let me explain you about myself, I do have limited knowledge on Finance as my field is blogging but lot of Online freelancer’s are deceived because of the Recent rules and regulations by RBI and Indian Government, lets see how still you can continue your Freelancing work without any hassles.

 Freelancing in India

Freelancing in India

In Indian where  most of the unemployed professionals  search for foreign or local work, Bid for it and do it by themselves . In the recent years freelancing and Online business has risen widely. Most of the foreign Companies outsource their projects and work and Indian Freelancer got a great opportunity as they can earn a lot by their skills. Some of the very popular freelancing Websites are Odesk.com and Elance.com but when it comes to receiving money from Foreign then now RBI have limited it and hence a Freelancer or Blogger has to suffer. 🙁

How RBI is Killing Freelancing in India

You should agree that maximum of income through freelancing comes from Western countries like US and UK, There are vast of options available to receive payments but in the recent years RBI is constantly killing these payment Options by stopping and applying limitations. For Example, RBI has instructed Paypal to stop its operations in India then again later on huge demands Paypal again started operating in India but with lots of limitations. same way Payoneer was also instructed from Reserve bank of India to close its operations in India and lot of Freelancers and Bloggers were victim because of this.

Limitations on Payment processing companies in India

RBI is killing Freelancing and blogging in India by limiting some payment processing companies to of its operations in India, here are the details what exactly happened.


Paypal is most largest Online payment system in the world, if you are a blogger and webmaster then you might know every online company uses Paypal to send and receive payments, major Freelancing companies like Elance and Odesk supports Paypal for its payment, as Paypal is the most easiest way to pay and get paid,

Indian bloggers and freelancer’s used to receive the Income through Paypal but in 2010 RBI (Reserve bank of India) asked Paypal inc to withdraw its operations in India and with this conflict huge Bloggers and Online Earners were affected  Later on Paypal some managed to resume Its services in India but with many Limitations.

  • Now Indian Needs to Confirm Their PAN card for activating Their Paypal Account
  • they need to add their bank account for Withdrawing funds
  • An Indian can not send money from Paypal to Another Paypal account in India
  • you can not purchase or shop online from your Paypal balance in India

these were the major limitations applied after Paypal resumed their Services in 2011 and now still there have been no changes made on this rules. A one has to Confirm Hid PAN Card Number to Verify his/her Paypal account.


Payoneer again was yet most easiest way to receive International payments because they provide a physical master Card Debit card which can be used in any ATM to withdraw Funds, many of freelancing companies like Elance.com, Infolinks supports Payoneer as standard payment method, the amount is directly transfers to your card and you can withdraw it without any hassles but Sadly RBI has Instructed payoneer to close its operations in India.  and still there is no news about Payoneer to re start its services in India. I have recently Contacted Payoneer team through email for any updates on their Indian System, but the answer was Negative. RBI has shattered freelancing by killing Payoneer.


Payoneer now Allows local Bank transfer in India, However Prepaid master-card by Payoneer is not allowed for Indian users, but Freelancers and Bloggers can still use Payoneer in India to get their money transferred in Indian bank account via payoneer local bank transfer service.

This is a great service by payoneer and I have been personally using it to withdraw funds to India. Their conversation rates of USD ot INR are good as compared to PayPal.

 How RBI is making receiving foreign payment tough:

Focusing on Freelancing

If you are an Affiliate marketer or have ever worked for any International company and you are not lucky to get paid via Paypal then you might have received Check now a Check from US or any western countries takes approx 15 days to deliver and Indian banks take around 25 Working days to clear that check. as the currency is USD in the check it will take approx 30  days to get it credit in your account. so total  time is 45 days for getting your payment but if you use Paypal or Payoneer then you will get your funds within 5 days, but sadly Indian government have made receiving Foreign payments tough by implementing limitations on these payment processing companies.

Solution to this

Here is workable Solution to continue your Blogging and freelancing career without any hassles, You should do you best to make your PayPal account active as for now RBI have made paypal to resume its services so target on companies which pays through Paypal as Paypal credit your account balance into your bank account within 5 working days.

As I am a blogger and I do use various of Affiliate marketing companies which pays through Paypal  I have my paypal account verified with PAN card and linked bank Account It is very easier to still receive payments via PayPal

Why Receiving funds is easy through PayPal

  • Paypal Converts USD into INR Automatically
  • Paypal transfers your balance into your bank account automatically via NEFT
  • you get your funds into your bank account in 4-5 Business days

Over to you

If you are a professional developer in any field then I would highly recommend making money out of your skills by freelancing, There are a lot of portals for Freelancing, Just Google it and register yourself. You should use Paypal as your payment method and make sure that you have a verified Active Paypal account so you can Withdraw your Foreign Income in India Easily.

Freelancing has a stable income as compared to Blogging, However If you have certain blogging and SEO skills then Blogging will generate more income for you but it can anytime fluctuate over your blog Traffic hence Freelancing is better for longer run.

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