New BSNL 3G Trick confirmed working all over India

Hie folks! After a long wait, TricksMe is again back to rock with another exclusive BSNL 3G Trick for tricksme Readers. There were too many tricks of Airtel and Vodafone but its constantly being blocked so its time to do something Unique.

The BSNL 3G trick is confirmed working in most of the states. Also most of the online bloggers are selling this trick. The BSNL trick only works with BSNL 3G SIM. you don’t need to configure a lot to make this trick work. This method is not based on BBM but it is much similar to BBM trick which are ow widely scattered over the web. Lets see how to tweak your BSNL 3G and make it free without any limits.

 – May 2015

BSNL 3G Trick

The new BSNL 3G Trick is combined with VPN Tunneling. This is a UDP trick so you will get much faster 3G Speed as compared to other Proxy and TCP Porto Tricks. Our online Reader Murtaza has tested it in Rajasthan and other readers tested in it Maharashtra.  If it is working in Maharashtra then it can be predicted that it will be working all over India. There is no Speed capping issue on BSNL and as its a government telecom so it won’t get blocked soon.

For security and private reasons we  will not share this precious trick Openly,You will have to complete a small survey to download this trick. Lets see its benefits and requirements to configure BSNL 3G.


  • BSNL 3G SIM CARD (128k), 64k will also work
  • A 3G Dongle
  • Patience:P

Benefits of BSNL 3G Trick

  • Based on UDP ports: UDP prtocls have much better speed as compared with other protocols. You will experience the normal 3G  Speed on UDP based tricks
  • Working in all over India: You may be using there tricks but it has certain limitations, BSNL have PAN India network with same technology everywhere. Hence this trick is predicted to work in each and every state.
  • No Speed Capping Issue: We have only heard Speed capping issue on Airtel. Expect Airtel none other networks have speed capping problems. Enjoy full uncapped 3G Speed with this BSNL 3G Trick, however if you are getting 2G Speed then just recharge with normal Video calling pack to get your Speed Uncapped.
  • parallel Downloads with resume Support
  • No bandwidth Limitations
  • HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported
  • Confirmed working with Nill balance deduction

How to setup this trick on PC

To Initiate VPN tunneling connection with our BSNL 3G, first you will need to Download the trick and follow the proper instructions before implementing. The trick works perfectly with new BSNL 3G SIM of 128k, however you can also use it on 64k BSNL 3G SIM.

To Stop copy paste of our Tricks on other blogs and forums we have enabled this trick in a survey, Lesser the number of Downloads, lesser the chances of getting the trick block.

Just Download the text file and follow the tutorial written on It.

Download BSNL Trick

If you are having problems downloading from then check out this Tutorial for downloading files easily

Note:  The BSNL 3G Trick is confirmed working in most of the states. It has been tested in Rajasthan and Maharashtra . Its better to get a new BSNL 3G SIM Card of  128k rather then implementing it in older SIM. If you are having any Speed capping issues or getting 2G Speed on UMTS Mode, Then juts recharge whit BSNL 3G Video calling pack and get full 3G Speed. The tick only works with Default BSNL APN.

Downloading Screenshot:

BSNL-3G-Trick 2015

The new BSNL 3G tricks is working all over India confirmed May 2015. Enjoy this exclusive BSNL 3G unlimited Trick for 2015 and stay updated with for free internet addiction.

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