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Before 16 months, I stepped into online business and then the kind community here never let me look back for a second…     But when it comes to Generate Online Income in a legitimate way from blogging or any other ways, for me there can be nothing better than Content locking.Before 12 months, I was blank KID, who don’t know anything about blogging just like some new Bloggers.

With blessings of almighty I have tried some numerous of methods to monetize my Blogs but finally after trying lot of methods I continued into some genuine programs to make some Money from Blogging. Fielice is one of the methods which I used from past 3 months to monetize my blogs and here are the results which made me fall in love with that Network

What is Content Locking

Bloggers and webmaster who have been an old reader on might be much familiar but for new blogger’s, is a PPD (Pay per Download) Website which pays you for Every download of your files. Although there are many other competitors of Fileice in this Industry but no one is so Widely popular then Fileice or you can say other’s can’t survive. I just wanna convince a message for newbies who have just entered their step in Online Business and Blogging.

“If you Seriously want to earn by sharing Stuffs or files then I highly recommend you to Go with for monetizing.”

Advantages of using on your Blog/website

To be honest, whenever someone starts blogging after a Certain time, He/She thinks on monetizing Section of it. some start Using Google Adsense or some go with Affiliate Marketing. but honestly these are something which will give you an income on a long term basis. You will also need to work a lot first to setup Earning with Affiliates or Google Adsense  however in this competing Business it is hard to Survive because of daily SEO Updates and traffic Fluctuation.

Here are some of the key Features of

  • No SEO, Blogging Knowledge Required
  • A Proved Newbie Friendly Method to start Monetizing from Zero
  • Like Adsense, It is tough to get Accepted into Fileice Network
  • Minimum 50$ Payout
  • Multiple payment Options: Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer, Ach Direct Deposit.
  • NET 7 and NET 15 Payments
  • Fileice Support Community with Live Chat Support
  • 5% Referral Earnings
  • All Countries Accepted
  • Highest Paying offers/Surveys
  • pays an average of 1$ for each Download
  • Indian Currency Display Support
  • Content Locking Widgets also Available to use

There are numerous of Indian blogger’s who have selected for earning money. I have seen a lot of comments on my All Blogs’s about Fileice Surveys. Some User’s just Hate Fielice Boring Surveys because they are not able to complete it or even after completion file doesn’t start Downloading. But if we view as from monetizing aspect then there can be no better from it

My Success Story with

With the blessings of Almighty, I have got success with every method of monetization of my Blogs, Today I am revealing some of the methods which I have been using to Increase my revenue,

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  • Google Adsense  (primary source of my Online Income)
  • (I generate my 60% Monthly income through Sharing Files:P )
  • CPALead (I have started using CPALEAD from last one month. Results are Awesome)
  • Adversal: For using as an alternative for Google Adsense.
  • Infolinks (Infolinks Maintain my Web Hosting  bills)

Here is a Screenshot of my Fileice  Earnings dated 10th January 2014

Download My Exclusive Secret Traffic Guide -Free

These were my Results with, I Started before 3 months and that time with working hard I was only making around 1-5$ in a day but working hard and using innovative Strategies now I am on the list of Top 100 Earners in Fileice. I have never thought such a Huge income from a content locking Site.

I Don’t use much on but I have been promoting it on other Blogs and YouTube which is my Favorite way of getting traffic.

To help Other New beginners I have also recently shared a Fileice Traffic Guide which will help you to grab a lot of Traffic to your Blog from YouTube. you just need to use some Unique Way or Strategy.

That’s All about some if my online income Report  I would be also sharing my other methods so this can help thousands of User’s. Stay tuned with for more Webmaster and Blogging Articles. If anyone has some more Questions or need some more proofs, Feel free to ask me in comments section and Do Like us on Facebook to get updated about latest Monetizing Methods.

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