GoDaddy SSL Coupon Code with 91% Discount (Rs.549/Yr) Updated April 2019

Adding  HTTPS://  on your blog or website is the best decision now. Browsers have started showing “Not Secure tag” to sites without SSL certificate installed. An SSL certificate not only keeps your website secure but also helps you in better search engine rankings of your website, build user trust & accept online payments on your site.

While there are so many SSL certificates provides scattered over the web with different pricing and plans, Here we are glad to share exclusive GoDaddy SSL coupon code which lets you buy an SSL certificate in just Rs.549 per year in India and $5.9/yr in USD pricing. This is the lowest price ever and a most super saving deal which can’t be ignored.

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Latest GoDaddy SSL Coupon Codes April 2019: Time to Secure your Site

Latest GoDaddy SSL Coupon Codes

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the existing wall that thwarts the attackers from misusing your client’s information and payments. Attaching SSL certificate to your site ensures to keep the security of your site from the bad guys like snoopers and hackers.

Security is the most significant concern for every website owner, and this is the reason behind this article. Here, you will find all the latest GoDaddy SSL coupon codes for 2019 that will secure your site and keep your clients happy and satisfied.  Choose GoDaddy SSL coupon codes Updated April 2019 to keep your site secure and enjoy New Year savings up to 91% OFF. 

Here are GoDaddy SSL certificate coupons and deals which is 100% working and verified by our editorial team.

GoDaddy SSL Certificate only @ ₹549/yr
Get a trusted SSL certificate in minutes with GoDaddy in just ₹549/Yr, This is special price by GoDaddy now. So grab the deal before the offer gets expired.



Click on the button above to activate the deal instantly and use coupon code “SSHL5IN31” to get instant  91% OFF

30% OFF on GoDaddy SSL certificates (100% Working)
If you want to buy different SSL certificates or have the custom order, You can use this coupon to get flat 30% discount on any SSL certificate pricing. Click on above button to activate the coupon and use coupon code: “cjc2off30” at the time of checkout.


Use this coupon code to save up to 30% OFF on GoDaddy SSL certificate. This coupon code can be applied to the purchase of other GoDaddy products also. Using this coupon code, you get a discount at the regular price which is much higher.

You must have noticed while browsing some sites are having HTTP://, while other have https:// and having an extra ‘s’. What’s the need of putting an extra ‘s’?

Let me tell the reason or significance of that extra ‘s’. It’s for keeping your websites encrypted from being hacked so hackers could not destroy your privacy.

And that is the SSL, which I have mentioned earlier. People having these coupons have their sites links start with https:// and those who haven’t purchased it will have their link names begin with HTTP://.

What are the Advantages of Using SSL certificate on your blog/website?

The primary function of SSL certificate is to secure your site from intruders by building a secure connection between the web server and the users that visit the website. But this is not the only reason why SSL certificate is essential. Another primary reason to attach SSL certificate is to increase the SEO of your site. It is not mandatory to have an SSL certificate, but Google’s search engine gives more priority to those sites that have SSL certificate attached.

How can you buy & install an SSL certificate in minutes:

  • If you want an SSL certificate for your websites, then first of all plan out things you need to sort out before opting for an SSL certificate.
  • Like first you need to know how many certificates you need, which domains you want to secure. Sometimes it happens like you needs to ensure some sites and blogs and some don’t need security.
  • GoDaddy offers a range of these coupons for all your different needs.
  • This doesn’t apply to SSL certificates in particular, but it’s a good deal that we wanted to give you a head’s up about: get GoDaddy’s economy hosting for just $1/month. The cost of economy hosting plan with this discount is just $12/year. That and you get a free domain name with any new hosting package.
  • These are various coupons that GoDaddy offers for purchasing SSL certificate.

What you need to after buying the SSL certificate:

After purchasing and installing your SSL certification you need to run a test, the test makes sure that it has been configured correctly. The Internet is full of free tools for testing of SSL certificate. Like you can use Qualys Lab for SSL testing. It’s secure and doesn’t use any of your private information.

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GoDaddy SSL certificate Features at a Glance

  • Setup is fast and easy at 1-click.
  • Keeps your customer’s information and payments safe & secure.
  • Instant protection from data leaks and website attacks.
  • Round the clock protection with strong encryption SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.
  • It is compatible with all the popular browsers.
  • The single certificate covers unlimited servers
  • SSL certificate increases the chances of higher rankings on Google.

Summary: GoDaddy SSL certificate coupon India

GoDaddy SSL coupon codes 2019 is the best way to get discount on SSL certificate which secures your site from intruders and ensure your site to be safe for a lifetime.

Attaching SSL certificate to your website builds more trust among your customers and makes a healthy relationship for the growth of your business. Hence, it is highly recommended to choose GoDaddy SSL coupon codes and thwart the attackers to live in peace.

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