How to Download Torrent with IDM – Easy method

Downloading torrents via IDM is most trending nowadays. Well IDM is a download manager app for windows which speeds up download speed to double and manages very beautifully. Downloading torrents with torrent clients takes a lot of time depending upon the health of torrent and hence it is 100 times better to get that torrent file cached and Download it directly with superb constant speed.

Download Torrent With IDM

Download Torrent With IDM

Here are the Top 3 Websites to Download Torrent with IDM easily. It will take a second to get that torrent cached on the website and the site will provide you a direct link for the file.

What is a Torrent?

“Everything is on torrents” may be it is movies, songs, TV shows, Huge games, Softwares, graphics, videos etc.. torrents are the only thing to get this all stuff easily without any limitations.Torrent is a tiny file with .torrent extension allows once to download lot of contents using a torrent clients app or torrent caching website.

The transfer rate for torrents depends upon seeds (health) they have. It would make complex for someone to download docs with minimal or zero seed counts. Hence it is better to Download torrent with IDM which lessens your burden and saves time.

Here are the Top 3 websites to Download Torrent with IDM. however there are many other websites also for the same but as the title says “Top” so there are the best by personal reviews of thousands users.


The best and most popular Torrent caching website providing free and premium services to download, store your personal fields on the cloud.  The simple innovative design makes the site most popular for download torrents directly. Just you need to upload or enter magnet URL for .torrent file and it caches on its servers . Then one can easily download the whole torrent content in Zip file directly with IDM or with its browser download agent.



ZbigZ has its simplified mobile site also which makes easy for smartphone and mobile user’s to download torrents easily on ytheir device without any Utorrent or another boring software.

Visit to start downloading Torrent Files with IDM at super fast speed.

2: Putdrive

Another my favorite online cloud storage cum torrent downloading service which gives you free 10 Gb of usage on personal free accounts. It allows you to add multiple torrent files at one time using its desktop app or online interface. One can cache files form many file sharing websites and download it from or can keep for days on his/her personal storage at Purdrive


Their slogan says “We Put the whole world into your Drive” it allows you to download at premium speed from 85 File Hosters with just one click. A user needs to create account first and then add .torrent files or magnet URL of torrents to start premium downloading for free on You an also keep your files on putdrive online storage and download it after a week or month.


To be honest I love and using this service only to download torrent with IDM. filestream provides 7 days free usage which allows you to download unlimited torrents via IDM at premium speed. They have their android app also which enables to download torrents directly on the go. Their Servers are more faster then zbigz (my personal view) Downloads are SSL protected from secure server.


You can store torrent files on your account on the cloud and download it on your PC whenever you want. After the free plan one can upgrade is with low price as 5$ for a week and more using special promo. It can download anytime of files from Torrents, tubes, File hosters, etc.. Check out to know more and enjoy downloading torrents with IDM.

Your Turn:

These were the best three websites to Download Torrent with IDM . However there are numerous more sites to give a try.It is always beter to try innovative methods or to be a Geek, So you can feel different from others who are still lack behind in technology. Downloading torrents with Utorrent or other bit-torrent client traditional method and Downloading torrents using IDM is the idea getting trending now.

Have you tried any of the above mentioned websites for getting your favorite torrent or still you prefer to use the old traditional methods? Do let us know your views and experiences in comments section below and Happy Downloading & take care:)

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