Why Should you Consider Blogging as a Career

After lots of Tricks here is very good post which will make you feel awesome as a Blogger. Smart kids who are thinking of Blogging as a Career in India. In this Era, every Freelancer wants to be a Blogger. It needs passion and lot of hard work to be a successful Blogger. We have shared many Tips to Start Blogging and About Earn Money Online, I have  also received many request and comments that how to be a Professional Blogger and How to start Blogging. Taking a Step Ahead to answer all the questions I will show you why you should Consider Blogging as a Career.

Blogging as a Career  – Really?

Blogging as a Career

Blogging as a Career

The phrase “Blogger” or “blogging ” can’t be described to anyone.

Blogging is a word which is integrated into society nowadays, This is a word more than a word.

I am sure not all loves Blogging.  Young smart kids who are addicted to technology will surely Consider Blogging as a Career.

I have researched a lot and noticed thousands of Indian have their well-established blogs and they are earning their income online. I have seen these days lots of youngsters have been looking for their Career in Blogging and want to become Professional Blogger.

Students of Engineering medical professionals, MBAs, law students, bored housewives… Etc are adopting blogging for Scope, job satisfaction and money.

You are your own boss in Blogging. Working on your own time and leading an independent life. In the age of high-speed internet, gone are the days where people work from 9 to 5.

Blogging Scopes in India

In this age of high-speed internet and technology, Blogging has a vast Scope. One can blog on Anything of Interest. No Matter if it is a news blog or a political blog, games info Blog, a technology blog, movie reviews blog and etc. There are so many niches to Blog. But it is always better to take a highly trending topic for blogging.

I can say confidently, the scope for professional blogging in India is tremendous. In every ages 2005 – 2010 – 2015, you will find people with half-baked knowledge who spreads negative things about blogging.

Professional Blogging as a Career

When it comes to making money from blog, Just one word, you need to be professional.

Bloggers, who blog or publish blog posts in a way which is thoroughly researched, well edited and presented in such an interesting way that adds value to the readers or blog visitors.

You don’t need to be a full-time blogger to become a professional blogger. In simple words, a Blogger who writes very quality and well-edited posts in Part-time is also called a professional Blogger.

Name, fame and money is usually an intent or part of professional blogging.

Investments Required for Blogging

As already said in some recent posts, To Be a professional Blogger you nee to have your Custom top level domain Name. I have always recommended WordPress Self-hosted Blog for blogging.

  • You Will also need hosting and domain Name.
  • Domain name Costs some Rs. 200 or 4$ per Year (Depending upon Discounts and Deals.)
  • Hosting costs 20$ to 50$ per Year Depending on your needs (1100 to 2500 INR)
  • I will recommend you to use Bluehost hosting (it’s the best)

Check out:  Godaddy Rs.99 domain deal – 2015

Your principal amount may be small, but you can generate a great revenue by leveraging your blogging career.

Requirements for Blogging as a Career

Technical requirements are always very necessary, You need to have a Little HML knowledge, SEO knowledge, fluent English if you want to Blog in English, Patience, etc.. Beside these technical  a blogger needs the following things for success

  1. Passion
  2. Hard work
  3.  Expertise in your niche or subject
In reality, professional blogging requires the high level of commitment and hard work. It is almost same as a 4 yrs of engineering degree or a 5 and 1/2 yrs of medical degree.
If you are thinking, blogging is an easy way to earn money because you failed in other professional fields, then you are absolutely wrong.

Earning Scope in Blogging as a Career

Earnings and monetizing through a saturated blog is the most interesting part, It feels so good when you receive money from Blogging. earning money is what motivates a blogger to become a professional, irrespective of part-time or full-time blogging..

I can assure you, if you work hard for 1  to 2 yrs and make your blog authoritative, you can earn between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 ( US$ 1000 to 2000)per month easily.

This earnings expectation is of single author blog without Any guest posts, earning of multi-Author blogs accepting Guests Posts are always high.

Some Useful Posts to Start Blogging and Earn Money

You need a Lot of Patience for Blogging and Earning Money With It. No Blog Becomes Popular overnight and no one can earn easily. It is always better to make Blogging as a Career.

You need to be creative and should have professionalism to start Blogging and achieving success If you want to know anything else you can simple ask us via comments below. Good Luck and Happy Blogging!!

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