Airtel Free Zone TCP 443 VPN Trick April 2019

On Winter 2019 is back with the most exclusive Working tricks collection for our online tricks users. This time after searching a lot we found the Airtel Free Zone TCP 443 VPN Trick based on a new airtel zero zone Service. The VPN trick is confirmed working in many states, however, I can’t assure you it will work in every state or not, Moreover, you can just change the proxy or host in the config to make it work for your state. This is the only Working Airtel Trick for 2019 after the blockage of earlier airtel 3G BBM Tricks.


Maximum of our users must be aware of the new Airtel’s Initiative called “Airtel Free Zone” yeah the new free service provided by Airtel lets you surf Free Gmail, Google, and FB, etc on your mobile. With some Freezone’s Host or IP some of the senior members are discovered this new VPN Trick. you need to disconnect the VPN after every 1 GB use to avoid SIM Blocking.

Benefits of Airtel Free Zone TCP 443 VPN Trick

  • Working in Zero balance (No Need to maintain any balance)
  • Directly connects on default Airtel APN
  • No BBM Plan required
  • based on TCP 443 or 8080 protocol.
  • The trick also works on Android handsets using Feat VPN Tutorial
  • No SIM Blocking till 1 GB
  • Also working in blocked SIM’s
  • No need to register (VPN password included by default)
  • High-Speed TCP VPN with premium servers and torrent support

How to connect Airtel Free Zone TCP 443 VPN Trick

Well Here come the easiest steps for tweaking the latest Airtel Free Zone TCP 443 VPN Trick, You just need to download the config file and place it into NMD VPN for initiating VPN tunneling connection, follow the steps…

Download Tata Docomo BBM Trick

Lesser the No. of downloads the lesser is the chances of getting the trick Block.

  • Extract the download .rar file and copy the folder to C: Program files:> NMD VPN:> Config:
  • make sure you read the Instructions file for better understating of Changing hosts in VPN
  • Now Connect with default Airtel Access point:
  • Run NMD VPN as Administrator and connect with our provided TCP 443 Config
  • The Host will get connected instantly, however, you should try connecting 2,3 times if getting any problem
  • Enjoy High-Speed Airtel 3G with torrents and HTTPS Protocol Support.

Note: The free Zone IP has 1 GB limit of SIM Blocking, Hence it is necessary to disconnect the connection after 1 GB every time you Surf the web. The trick is Working fine in Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP East, Delhi, Karnataka, and West Bengal. Another state user’s should give it a try and do let us know the results.

Trick working Screenshot:


Just configure this latest Airtel Free Zone TCP VPN Trick and enjoy Web surfing and downloading again. Having any trouble in connecting? just drop your comments and we will try our level best to help you! Do Like on Facebook to get yourself updated towards the free internet addiction.


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